Felipe De Aguiar / Vocals, Guitar & MIDI expertise!!

Felipe was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  His love of music became apparent at an early age and led him to learn the piano and guitar in order to express his creativity.  As a teenager he moved to Paris, France to finish school and further his musical ambitions, playing in several different rock bands and touring all over Europe.  Employed by Club Med for 10 years as a bandleader, Felipe had the chance to play in many exotic locations all over the world, incorporating some musical styles of the different cultures he became exposed to, in his own compositions.  In 1987 he moved to Southern California where he stayed active in the local music scene until March 1999, when he relocated to Las Vegas. Mastering the art of MIDI sequencing, Felipe has penned many original songs such as Carnival From Hell and Let It Rain.  He is an energetic performer with a very recognizable vocal style and hard-driving guitar sound that keep club audiences rocking . Among Felipe‘s many musical influences: The Beatles, Eric Clapton initially and many artists from the 70’s, 80’s and after.



Donna Romeo / Vocals

Donna was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California.  Her desire to sing and dance landed her a spot in a local original band after high school, and led to another a little while later.  She went on to study voice more seriously and then decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue her real dream – to perform and record pop music and try to get a record deal.  Pop is Donna’s favorite style so it comes from the heart.  Her influences include Mariah Carey, Teena Marie, Whitney Houston, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, and especially Madonna and Sheena Easton in the beginning.  She sang with several Top 40 and original bands throughout Los Angeles, while writing and recording with a few music producers in the 90’s.  She then followed her family to Las Vegas, NV and got  involved with the local music scene, working as a sub for a band performing at casinos.  After joining FLASHHBAND, she played weddings, private and corporate parties.  It turned out to be the perfect fit for Donna to showcase the many types of pop and rock music that she loves.  Her goal is to make you feel something when you hear her sing.


Frank Garces / Drums & Percussion

Frank was born in Simi Valley and raised in Pacoima, CA.  Drums and percussion have been his passion since he was a little boy.  As an accomplished drummer and percussionist, Frank played in several different bands over the years, opened for the famous band Los Lobos and performed with the original band member who recruited the late Ritchie Valens.  He was involved with a Santana tribute band (sometimes we call him Carlos!) and was a drummer for the Octane Blues Band.  Frank recently joined FLASHHBAND and  the band took on a brand new dimension, thanks to his boundless energy, stage presence and enthusiasm!



Dana Garrett / Saxophone & Vocals

Dana is an energetic charismatic saxophonist and singer. With a dynamic rockin’ Jazz blues style blended from his eclectic influences, Dana entertains with his soulful music whether singing or blowing!  Loving and influenced by a wide array of music ranging from Swing, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Classic R&B and Soul, Rockabilly, Disco to Country and Western, this Potato Boy has become an accomplished and well-rounded musician.  Dana is originally from Irwindale, CA, and started playing the saxophone at age 10, after his parents empathetically said ”NO“ to his first choice, drums. They brought home a saxophone, “I didn’t have a choice, but I surprised myself and I took to it fast”.  Dana’s musical influences are highly eclectic, and while Big Band Jazz remained Dana’s biggest influence through high school, he later leaned towards the rock sounds of Tower of Power, Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears and the Beatles.  Dana Garrett, aka Kid Tater, has been active in the San Diego, L.A., and Las Vegas music scene, being in many bands including The Jacks, The Heroes, Private Domain, Hot Monkey Love and his own Dana Garrett Band.  He has now joined FLASHHBAND, and we’re all very thrilled to have a musician of Dana’s caliber on board!